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ELL Writing Lab

Welcome to ELL Placement Test and Program Creation

Welcome to the world of English Language Learning!  To determine where a student is on their ELL journey complete an Initial Placement Test and then customize a program to fit their needs.

The Initial Placement Test tests students at 3 basic levels:

Level 1 – No experience reading or writing. This level students learn phonics, sounds letter as well as basic speaking skills.

Level 2 - Able to recognize sounds and letters to form basic words. This level students continue practicing phonics and alphabet with basic reading.

Level 3 - Able to read basic words and write complete sentences

On the Initial Placement Test questions 1-5 deal with Level 1, 6-10 Level 2, and 11-15 Level 3.

Placement and Customizing Program

After the assessment has determined which level the student should be placed in instructors can use the material below to lead students down the path of English Language Learning.

The following tools can be uses for a customized comprehensive approach for students’ ELL:

  1. Initial Placement Test and corresponding work on Level Cards (1, 2, or 3)

  2. ACE Diagnostic tool for Math, English, Word Building, and Reading Comprehension

  3. Rosetta Stone Classroom time

  4. Volunteer Reading and listening to students at their level

  5. Participation in English immersion classroom environment

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