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A Three Fold Cord

Each strand of a rope is weak, but together with other strands its strength is magnified. In a similar way the Shiloh community comes together to strengthen each other. Some strengthen the community with finances, and others through various acts of service and sacrifice.  According to Private School Review, San Mateo County has the 8th highest tuition average in the country for K-8th grade private schools at $15,210. The community at Shiloh United School continues to work together to provide quality instruction at a reasonable price that is on pace with the rest of California.

Shiloh United School Tuition

Grades 1-12

$12,720 - Annual Tuition

$1,272 - Monthly Tuition for 10 months

Pre-K and Kindergarten

$9,550 - Annual Tuition

​​$955 - Monthly Tuition for 10 months

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