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Some knowledge in life is taught and some is "caught". Experiencing a field trip, special speaker presentation, or group project can enrich students educational experiences.  At Shiloh we make sure students have a balanced learning with real world skills along with traditional book knowledge. As for the books we use the ACE Curriculum. 

The A.C.E. curriculum creates a customized path for each student. Its revolutionary packet (PACES) system allows for students to learn faster in subject that they are stronger in and take more time with subjects they find more challenging. The curriculum includes skill building, goal setting, reading practice, and character building. It is a complete academic program that begins with reading development courses and progresses through high school with the core curriculum and a variety of electives.  Each student, while working at his own level of proficiency, will master the material. With this curriculum students have gone to all the top universities of the world.

We go over the curriculum in more detail in the initial parent meeting.

Private School Satellite Program

The Private School Satellite Program is a program for home school students to take enrichment classes with Shiloh as part of their educational plan.  Parents of this program collaborate for a well-rounded education of their children.

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