Private School Satellite Program

The Private School Satellite Program is a program for home school students to take classes with Shiloh as part of their educational plan.  Parents of this program collaborate for a well-rounded education of their children.


We use the high standard of Abeka curriculum which has been used in teaching millions of students for over 45 years.

Abeka’s Spiral approach—building from the simple to the complex, with frequent review and application within each grade and from grade to grade.

Learning Preferences—when faced with the 3 major learning styles (auditory, visual, and kinesthetic, or hearing, seeing, and doing), learning preferences are how you prefer, if given a choice, to learn something. Instead of favoring 1 and neglecting the others, we incorporate all 3.

Cross-Subject Integration—pulling in concepts from 1 subject into several others to reinforce concepts and tie learning together.

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