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Program Description

If you are a parent and feel like you need financial assistance, please apply and lets work together to find a way for your child(ren) to attend.

Shiloh United School is a united community that works together and the Shiloh ScholarShare program is a great opportunity for us to come together and do our part to provide access to the high quality education Shiloh offers for those who need assistance meeting the full tuition. ​ Donations to the Scholarshare program are given to those in need who also contribute to the Shiloh community in the ways they can.


To apply to receive funds for tuition follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the Application Form in the Admission Section and type in "Scholarshare" in the comment field

  2. Schedule consultation with the office

  3. Bring documents to confirm household income

  4. Scholarshare letter awarded if criteria met and Scholarshare funds are available


The charts below are one of methods used to determine financial need. To use the chart, start with you Household Size, and follow that row until you find the column with your Household Income. The top of that column indicates which Group of need you qualify for. Use the Group identified in the colored chart on the bottom to determine what your monthly or yearly tuition responsibility would be if ScholarShare dollars are awarded.

1-8th Grade Scholarshare Chart


Kindergarten Scholarshare Chart

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