Shiloh Uniform Dress Code:

Boys' uniforms:

White polo shirt and khaki pants


Girls' uniforms:

  • White polo shirt and khaki skirt or pants

        All skirts must be worn at a length that falls at least to the end of the            fingertips or longer when standing. 

  • Simple jewelry, and stud earrings only (For Safety)



Shoes: Students need to wear shoes that totally enclose the foot - no sandals or flip-flops.


Chapel Days: Both boys and girls will wear white button down shirts on chapel days. The shirts do need to be tucked in for boys; girls button down shirts do not need to be tucked in.

Boys': Black belt, black socks and shoes

Girls': Black or white long socks or hose, and black shoes. 





NOTE: Uniforms can be purchased at any store. Uniforms are for students in Pre-K thru 8th grade